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Schedule a call today and qualify to receive services 75% OFF on our first project! đź“ť
Schedule a call today and qualify to receive services 75% OFF on our first project! đź“ť

About Salient Secrets

My name is Gabe Sidebottom (I know, interesting last name but very real). I created Salient Secrets as an all-for-one platform to help all my potential clients in everything marketing and advertising. Over time my team is slowly building with a handful of employees and continuous growing newsletter. Over the past couple years, online marketing has blown up, and now is the best time to get in on the profits. If you aren't getting the results you want on your socials, website, ad accounts, or newsletters then what were you doing? I truly enjoy helping others to meet their life long goals. With a 100% satisfaction rule, have confidence in knowing a full refund is available for any non-converting work. Covid-19 made things very difficult for many businesses, some are still recovering. I would personally like to hand the ladder down and help you climb out of the hole that is stress, empty emails, lost money, and lazy choices in your business. 
About the man behind the dream. Just like you, I also have dreams, one is to have helped 50 individual businesses achieve their goals by the end of 2023. Life isn't all work, you must remember to live. In the free time that I do get, I enjoy hiking, traveling, anything fitness, all live music, playing music (guitar & drums), and spending time with my loved ones. Early 2021 I began my online marketing journey starting off with working for a small online company posting ad copy on Instagram and Facebook. While sourcing information for my clients I began noticing many businesses have an out-of-date or "messy" website design. I then began editing and building websites through Shopify. Mid 2022 I started posting valuable newsletters to keep customers engaged and even curious about what a business has to offer in the future.

All it takes is that first step, first email, first call to be getting those profitable results you've been searching for. Maybe your social media engagement needs work or you want better ad copy to push your services in a sleeker way. With Salient Secrets backing you, obtaining your goals won't be a secret.
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